Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn
Elis Geo is a resort and destination wear fashion brand based in Athens Greece. In 2014 after many years in the clothing industry, we began designing our own collections for people who adore freedom, who seek new cultural experiences and love travelling around the globe following their DREAMS.

THE STYLE is all about relaxation and inner peace – lightweight linen tunics, loose maxi dresses, the softest jersey shorts and jogger pants, generously sized t-shirts, cotton voile caftans, pareo sized ultra-thin gauze scarves, wide bottom pants, flowy fabrics with exotic prints, summer hats with wide brims.

For Women, Men, Children.

For all hours, for the beach, for mountain, for home, for excursions. For moments that the body and soul seek rest…


We find our INSPIRATION in the unique Cyclades: the spectacular blue sky, the sun, the deep turquoise crystal sea, the meltemia summer winds, the rich shades of greens, the palette of the local flowers, the History.
We create timeless items with contemporary detailing adopting whimsical prints and vibrant colors that stand out. Our collections are wearable, approachable, certainly not to be parked deep in a closet as a forgotten memento.

From our beginnings in 2000 we support ecological sustainability.
Linen, cotton and other ecofriendly fabrics are the base of designs with good resistance to wear and washing. Materials that at the end of their life are biodegradable.
A large part of our production is crafted in small Greek workshops supporting the local economy, minimizing the transport footprint and using Athens based garment dying workshops that uphold EU rules of operation.



In 2018 we founded our own first retail concept store in Lefkes in Paros. A unique place of authenticity, between the mountains with a view of Naxos and the Aegean Sea, it had been the capital and cultural centre of the island from the Byzantine ages until the 19th century.
With its traditional Cycladic architecture, the flowers, the scents and its stillness, the village magically fills you with icons from the past and of peaceful sweet living.

Our next step was the opening of a concept store in Parikia, the bustling port of Paros and current capital.
The location is also full of History. The small shop lies at the corner of the 900-year-old Venetian castle adjacent to the southeast gate. The ancient marble at the entrance has melted from the footsteps of all those who have crossed it during its existence. The spot is at the heart of the commercial stone-paved streets of the Old Market next to the church of Taxiarchis, ideal for the presentation of our creations to the travelers passing by.

our Collections are about the different fabrics we use...

ElisGEO LINO^ - lightweight linen & yarn dyed striped fabrics.

ElisGEO JOY) - colorful prints on voile using water-based dyes.

ElisGEO SPIRIT* - cotton jersey and French terry for athleisure items.

ElisGEO HELIX@ - upcycled collections.

ElisGEO μICRO - cotton and linen resort wear for kids.

ElisGEO ACCESSORIES - scarves, hats, belts, bags, jewelry and much more.